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Lens Choices

The material of your eyeglass lenses makes a significant differnce in the overall quality, weight, size, and thickness of your lenses.  The material you choose for your lenses will also determine the quality of your vision.  The three most common choices include:  Plastic, Polycarbonate, and High Index.

High index plastic lenses

Designed for people who require strong prescriptions, these eyeglass lenses are lighter and thinner than the standard, thick "coke bottle" lenses that may otherwise be needed. High index glass lenses are going to have the highest index. This means that they will be thinner than high index plastic, but they may also have some optical problems such as color aberration. High index plastic is less likely to crack when dropped. High index glass lenses tend to be very brittle and to break easily.

Crizal Avance

Reduces Scratches ♦ Virtually eliminates glare ♦ Repels water ♦ Resists dirt, dust, and smudges ♦ Safer and more comfortable vision while driving at night ♦ Fewer reflections for a more attractive look ♦ Reduced eye fatigue and headaches caused by extended screen viewing.

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